Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Employee Attraction, Development, and Retention

Atkore's people are critical to ongoing innovation and our overall business success. Accordingly, oversight of our human capital management practices lies within the highest levels of the organization—including the Human Resources and Compensation Committee of the Board and our Executive Leadership Team. We have developed numerous initiatives to attract, retain, and develop top-tier talent—including our onboarding experience, Organizational Leadership Review evaluations for salaried employees, and online Learning Management System.

Employee Well-Being

At Atkore, we care about each other's well-being and strive to support the holistic health of our employees. We offer a variety of well-being resources to our workforce:

  • Competitive medical and dental plans;
  • Retirement savings and investment options;
  • Site-specific flexible work arrangements in the U.S.;
  • Maternity and paternity leave;
  • Mental health resources, such as an Employee Assistance Plan for employees and their family members;
  • Tuition and education programs; and
  • In the two countries outside of the U.S. where Atkore has more than 100 employees, we provide pension benefits and supplemental healthcare options via our company program.


Employee Engagement and Culture

Atkore strives to cultivate an environment where employees are engaged in their work and proud of our company culture. Our annual Employee Engagement and Alignment Survey is a key tool that helps us assess overall engagement and our performance as an employer of choice.

Another way that Atkore fosters engagement and alignment is via events and outings that align with our organizational values. For example, the REACH Committee at our Harvey, Illinois location hosts activities for employees, their families, and for local community causes. In the UK, we have a Green Team—a cross-functional group of employees working to advance sustainability within the company and finding creative ways to introduce sustainable practices.

Employee Relations
Employee Attraction, Developement, and Retention Goal

Increase participation in Employee Engagement and Alignment Survey to 80% by 2025

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