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Atkore offers a forward-thinking and dynamic workplace, where you will work with the best talent in the industry and find opportunities to grow your career. With leading brands and the broadest product portfolio, Atkore continues to invest across our business to improve our market positioning, strengthen our operational capabilities, and, most importantly, develop our people.  


Performance Management

At Atkore, a significant proportion of vacancies are filled through internal promotions and developmental opportunities. This is a differentiator for Atkore, and it is purposeful. Atkore helps enhance employee development through a robust performance management system that encompasses candor and transparency to drive alignment and execution of company values, business priorities, individual goals and established behaviors.

At a minimum, employees meet informally with their supervisors monthly to discuss performance, engagement and alignment, core values, development opportunities, and progress on key deliverables. Then, a semiformal discussion is held mid-year, which provides feedback regarding progress and performance against goals, followed by a comprehensive formal year-end performance review. Altogether, this type of timely and frequent feedback is essential to maximizing one’s effectiveness in their role and developing the skill sets required for their next opportunity at Atkore.


Leadership Development

Success at Atkore does not just happen, it is the result of actively engaging and measuring our key talent. At Atkore, we know that strong leadership skill sets and tool sets help drive our culture of continuous improvement. Atkore helps employees develop their skills through practical, structured training focused on leadership principles and behaviors, a structured talent selection process, building a continuous improvement culture, as well as understanding our innovation philosophy and applying our five-step StageGate process. We also offer opportunities for stretch assignments on a short-term project or task, which challenge you to explore different problem-solving techniques, change your ways of thinking, learn new skills and grow!

Then, besides utilizing traditional performance reviews, we also rely on annual Organizational Leadership Reviews (OLR) to help support high-potential employees for promotions into leadership positions, foster continued development of supervisors, managers, and senior leaders as well as encourage, invest, and retain future leaders. Creating this continual talent pipeline helps ensure bench strength to address any opportunity or challenge that arises – helping provide a stable work environment, motivate employees and maintain productivity.  


Internships and Recent Graduate Programs

Atkore offers college-level internships, where you work alongside key stakeholders within your discipline, build relationships with cross-functional team members, and gain valuable work experience. This unique opportunity enables you to apply your skills and knowledge as well as enhance your learning in a real-world setting, while at the same time helping contribute to the overall success of Atkore.


Valuable Career Move

By joining Atkore, you are making an intentional decision that will help guide you toward a successful career. With our values-based culture, we consistently live the Atkore mission and execute on our strategic priorities. Together, we build strong leaders that continually endeavor to move us forward.

If you are looking to transform your career, consider Atkore for your next move.