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Data Centers

From floor to ceiling, we have a wide array of data center solutions. When you work with Atkore, not only do you get high-quality products, but you can also tap into sound advice about which products are optimal depending on your needs. 

Data centers are indispensable for any organization. The efficiency of data centers translates to the success of a business as they determine business continuity and information security. The need for a sterile environment, high efficiency, and confined space of data centers poses a challenge to the installation of electrical systems for distributors and contractors. Atkore, with our best-in-class products, rises to this challenge. 

We have a wide array of data center solutions, be it under the floor, overhead, or prefab.


Telecommunication has transformed the world around us. With the introduction of fiber optics, communication time has been reduced to milliseconds. However, the fragile nature of the optical fiber cable necessitates protection using conduits. Atkore has an extensive inventory of products to protect these cables from all types of external harm. With our durable products, distributors and contractors can safeguard these cables and enjoy the added advantage of excellent customer service.

Our ever-expanding portfolio of products can be used in many data center and telecommunication industry situations. From our experience, we know there is a high demand for certain products:

Electric Conduit & Fittings

  • HDPE Conduit
  • Steel Conduit
  • PVC Conduit
  • Fiberglass Conduit
  • Flexible Metal & Liquid Tight Conduit

Cable & Cable Management Systems

  • Wire Basket
  • Aluminum I-Beam Welded Tray & Fittings
  • Steel Swaged Tray & Fittings
  • AC & MC Cables & Fittings

Infrastructure Products

  • Strut & Fittings
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