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Unistrut Healthcare Construction

Healthcare Construction by Unistrut

Atkore’s Unistrut Construction specializes in creating support structures for medical equipment, working closely with manufacturers, general contractors, and hospital facility managers. Our expertise spans from basic radiology equipment to integrated medical boom systems.


BIM-Driven Design and Engineering

Our services are enhanced by Building Information Modeling (BIM), ensuring that every design is tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare construction, with all drawings stamped and sealed as required.


Commitment to Excellence

We aim to complete every project with precision, staying on time and within budget. Our pre-fabrication services streamline the installation process, delivering high-quality Unistrut strut channel framing solutions.


Unistrut Medical Boom Support Structures

Responding to the high demand for medical equipment support, our Unistrut Modular Support (UMS) system offers a streamlined solution, reducing the need for onsite assembly and minimizing additional costs.


A Legacy of Innovation

With a legacy of over six decades, Unistrut Construction continues to lead in the installation of medical equipment supports, adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare needs.

HealthcareUnistrut used for medical boom systems, X-ray supports, procedure lights, etc.

Unistrut Modular Images