Our Culture

Our Core Values


We honor the commitments we make, and take personal responsibility for all actions and results. We create an operating discipline of continuous improvement that is an integral part of our culture.


We foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and results through teamwork. We practice leadership that teaches, inspires and promotes full participation and career development. We encourage open and effective communication and interaction


We must demand of ourselves and of each other the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity. We safeguard company assets. We comply with all company policies and laws.


We treat others as we would want to be treated attentive to personal dignity and receptive to diversity of ideas. We recognize the value that comes from respecting individuality, personal experience, and varied heritages.


We continually challenge each other to improve our products, our processes and ourselves. We strive always to understand our customers’ businesses and help them achieve their goals. We serve our customers not only by responding to their needs, but also by anticipating them. We are dedicated to diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect, and trust.

Atkore Business System (ABS)

atkore-business-systemEncompassing everything from how we recruit, develop and build our people to the continuous improvement of our process capabilities, the Atkore Business System (ABS) is at the core of what we do. The three pillars of the Atkore Business System are People, Process and Market Driven Strategy. We deploy ABS to execute the strategic deployment process that drives a process of rigorous daily management, creates a culture focused on relentless improvement and breakthrough ideas that enable success.

Strategy Deployment Process (SDP) and Lean Daily Management

Atkore utilizes the Strategy Deployment Process (SDP) and Lean Daily Management, parts of the Atkore Business System, as tools to turn our organization’s strategic vision into actionable tasks that are owned and committed to by leadership and provide the framework to link every employee to our top level strategic priorities. SDP and Lean Daily Management create a culture which promotes Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect and Excellence as we work to achieve critical business initiatives and breakthrough results.

Onboarding and Immersion

Atkore leadership firmly believes that investment made through a planned and purposeful onboarding and immersion experience yields beneficial return and significant value. The program accelerates learning and exposure to key systems used at Atkore, provides clarity around our strategy, mission and values. It ensures that every employee begins to develop a productive network with whom they will interact during the performance of their jobs. This allows new employees to make meaningful contributions more quickly. We invest the first 45 and 90 days of your employment in our extensive onboarding and immersion process.

Diversity and Inclusion

Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace culture is a key priority at Atkore. We are committed to creating an environment that unlocks the full potential of our employees and our business. To learn more about what our CEO and a number of our leaders say about Diversity & Inclusion at Atkore, click to watch the video or view it below.

We do this by exploring the evolving needs of our customers, employees, and communities in unique and meaningful ways. As an organization, our employees embrace opportunities to learn from each other, and apply innovation in the way we work. Coming together to share perspectives based on our individual experiences allows us to grow as an organization and as a winning team.

Diversity and Inclusion are essential to living our values and achieving our business goals. In an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace, we can only succeed when we attract, retain, and then capitalize on the full potential of our workforce. Fostering our employee’s passion for our business will help us achieve our mission to be the customer’s first choice.

In order to achieve excellence with diversity and inclusion, we must consistently communicate about it with our teams!


Working together as a team, to continuously improve not only ourselves but also Atkore as a whole, resulting in collectively striving for breakthrough results.


Embracing individual differences and connecting with people through acceptance and empathy, while empowering collaboration and belonging.


Consistently working together to share, learn and recognize each other’s talents to drive a high-performance culture.


Embracing and respecting each employee’s uniqueness, talents, strengths, and qualities to promote growth both individually and throughout the business.

valued-atkoreUnlocking Potential

Encouraging the uniqueness every individual brings to the workplace to unlock the full potential of our workforce and maximize Atkore’s ability to become the customer’s first choice.

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