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Angel Lowe
Angel Lowe
Vice President, Global Human Resources

Our culture creates value by driving continuous improvement through the execution of the Atkore Business System (ABS). And having the right talent in the right roles enables execution, improves our customer’s experience, and delivers breakthrough results. Said another way, that’s how we win!

In sports, the team with the best players usually wins.  We’ve assembled a team that is passionate about our mission, our values, and our strategic priorities.  Our team also has the capability to deliver on those strategic priorities. Do you want to be on a winning team?


We have developed a standard talent selection process which includes a focus on candidate care, a behavioral panel interview, and an assessment tool which helps us predict fit.  Once hired, you’ll go through an extensive onboarding and immersion program which will develop alignment, demonstrate expected behaviors, and create the connections that are necessary for your success. We call it the A, B, C’s of onboarding and immersion – alignment, behaviors and connections.  And once your immersion is complete, your manager will regularly discuss your engagement, your alignment, and your performance against set objectives.  We believe in performance management as a way to develop great leaders.

We also have a robust organizational leadership review (OLR) process which helps define career paths for our top talent. We find that our approach to organizational excellence leads to the development of great managers and leaders, which improves overall employee engagement and alignment.  And why do we do this?  To continuously improve our customer satisfaction and ultimately achieve sustained growth.

If you consider yourself to be top talent, please explore our career page and join our talent network to find a rewarding career development opportunity.

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