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Sasco Strut

Sasco Strut

Atkore's Sasco Strut manufactures innovative channels, clamping nuts, and fittings available in several finishes. We have been creating industry-leading products for distributors and contractors since 1954 and are continuously improving and expanding our offerings. Our Sasco Strut products are currently available in Canada only.

We have products that meet your needs, including:

  • Channels: Our strut channels are precisely cold-formed from low-carbon steel in our roll-forming mills. The channels in-turned edges on the continuous slot and the design of our clamping nuts ensure positive locking.
  • Clamping Nuts: Our clamping nuts are manufactured from a mild-steel bar, case-hardened, and electroplated with zinc to ASTM B633 Type III SC1.
  • Fittings: Unless otherwise specified, our fittings are manufactured from hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel, coated with zinc, and finally, a proprietary topcoat or hot-dip galvanized. Many fittings are available in stainless steel, Type 304 and Type 316. Aluminum, fiberglass, and paint finish are available upon request.

Standard Finishes:

  • Hot Dip Galvanized (HG): Steel Strut Channels and Fittings are hot dip galvanized after fabrication and conform to ASTM A123 or A153.
  • Pre-Galvanized (G): The steel sheet is coated with zinc using a hot-dip process prior to manufacturing. The minimum weight of zinc is G90 under the general requirements of ASTM A653 (G90).
  • Electroplated Zinc (EG): Parts are electroplated with zinc after fabrication to conform to ASTM B633 Type III.
  • Plain (P): The steel has a light surface coating of oil as it comes from the mill.
  • Special Coatings: Special zinc-based plating, paint, epoxy, and PVC coatings can be supplied to your specifications.


All dimensions are subject to commercial tolerances. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice for the purpose of improving our product.