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AFC Cable Systems

AFC Cable Systems

Atkore's AFC Cable Systems, founded in 1926, is an industry-leading brand of pre-wired armored and metal-clad cables (AC & MC), Liquid-Tuff Conduit, and specialty cables. Our specialty MC Cables include Red Fire Alarm/Control Cable, Parking Deck/Lot Cables, Home Run Cable®, and Super Neutral Cable®.

We manufacture standard Type MC Cables, including MC Glide®, MC Tuff®, MC Lite® and other MC cables in various specialty configurations, most featuring the ColorSpec® ID System. Our ColorSpec® ID system allows you to identify cables without the need to open any panels. We also offer MCI-A type cables that feature the armor plus a full-sized aluminum ground wire as the equipment grounding means.

Our Liquid-Tuff liquid tight conduit can be used in various applications ranging from computer room floors to high-temperature areas. They come in metallic and non-metallic options.

We have products to meet your needs, including:

  • Our flexible metal conduits are available in many different options ranging from Reduced Wall to Full Wall, from Extra Flexible to Extra Slinky styles. It is available in two different wall thicknesses for full and reduced walls.
  • In addition to our Type MC and Type AC product lines, we have a selection of cable wiring products and time-saving accessories.
  • We have a line of lighting, power, and appliance whips in metallic and non-metallic options.

We have several packaging options:

  • The Barrel Pack system allows for easy transport of large quantities of cable around a job site. The barrel design reduces the effort required to install cables with an easy pull.
  • Our AC Cable and MC Cable Gaylords can contain a continuous cable length of up to 6,000 feet in one pallet package.
  • The Pack N Roll is a portable cable dispenser to efficiently store and manage the installation of coils for MC and AC Cable products easily.