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Atkore's Unistrut industry-leading metal framing systems feature unique weldless connections. Our products eliminate welding and drilling and are easily adjustable and reusable for multiple configurations. The brand has evolved from a simple connection concept to a comprehensive engineered building and support system featuring industry leading channels, fittings, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps, and accessories.

We have a wide array of products, including metal frames, fiberglass systems, concrete inserts, seismic bracing solutions in a variety of finishes and materials. We guarantee top quality, the best service, and long life for all our products. 

Our products have industry-leading features:

  • No Welding: Unistrut connections need no welding as the Unistrut nut is designed to bite into the channel. Hence, even while applying normal pressure for installation, the nut locks on securely to the channel, giving the same strength as welding.
  • No Drilling: Unistrut, with our continuous channel, eliminates the need for drilling. If you need to connect a frame to an existing one, simply bolt the Unistrut nut to get a strong bond.
  • 100% Reusable: As Unistrut parts are not drilled or welded, you can dismantle the parts and use them again. You reduce costs and avoid the issue of disposal of parts.
  • 100% Adjustable: If there is a change of plan or requirements after installation, simply loosen the Unistrut bolt and relocate the channel nut to the desired position. Unistrut channel gives you the flexibility to place the channel nut anywhere along its slot.