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US Tray

US Tray

Atkore’s US Tray was established in 2012, as an American manufacturer of made-to-order cable trays that are built per NEMA standards and certified by UL. We offer modern, innovative, and technically advanced cable trays, tray covers and wire management accessories, support, and logistics management with an emphasis on customer service. With over a century of combined experience, our team is here to help you through the process of product design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation.

We have products that meet all your needs, including:

  • Eagle Basket: Our wire basket cable tray is a welded mesh cable management system produced from the highest-quality steel wires. Our basket's mesh permits continuous airflow to prevent heat buildup and protects against dust and other contaminants. The Quick Latch™, or self-splicing bars that come pre-installed on wire basket tray systems, eliminates the need for a typical nut and bolt type connection. Our products are made in America and meet Buy America and Buy American.
  • I-Beam Cable Tray: Our technically advanced cable trays are complemented by our tray covers and wire management accessories, as well as our unparalleled logistics management, with an emphasis on customer service. All made-to-order cable trays take your application demands and design requests into consideration. They are also built per NEMA standards and certified by UL.
  • C-Channel Swage Cable Tray: Channel cable trays are the ultimate solution to support wiring systems of smaller diameters. Available in widths of 3, 4, and 6 inches, channel cable trays are a discrete, aesthetically pleasing solution to keeping cables out of reach and protected. US Tray Channel meets NEMA VE-1 standards for cable tray.
  • Talon Products: Our cable cleats are high-strength cable restraints that limit cable movement. They can be easily mounted on ladder-type cable trays or framing channel struts without cumbersome mounting brackets. Our industry-leading interlocking frame, with its captive stainless steel gripping hardware, simultaneously encloses cables and their support rung.
  • Solid and Vented Bottom (Trof) Cable Tray: Our versatile Trof Cable Tray systems are ideal for use in a vast range of settings, with the ability to securely hold and protect cables of many sizes. To best meet the needs of your application, Trof Cable Trays are available in solid bottom and ventilated designs.
  • Aickinstrut Fiberglass Framing System: When it comes to nonmetallic fiberglass strut channels and fiberglass framing systems, Aickinstrut products are trusted on a global scale.