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Calpipe Security Bollards

Calpipe Security Bollards

Atkore's Calpipe Security Bollards are protective barriers and boundary markers that protect spaces without compromising human mobility or space integrity. If you are responsible for the safety and security of a government installation, a commercial facility, a college campus, or an event venue, you know that the integrity of your space cannot be compromised by insufficient security choices. The safety of people depends on security measures that are effectively designed, professionally installed, and well maintained, while preserving the aesthetics of a space. For over twenty years, our products have been defending and protecting people and property by manufacturing crash-certified and field-rated products. We are the most trusted manufacturer of bollards because of our commitment to manufacturing excellence, and our knowledgeable design and manufacturing team. Our bollards are a proven solution for all settings. 

We are proud to offer some of the world's most advanced bollard products, including: 

  • Safety and architectural bollards.
  • Lighted and standard landscaping bollards.
  • Crash-rated, high-security bollards that are engineered and tested for anti-terrorist or high-threat applications.
  • Bollard covers that conceal or enhance damaged, existing, or new bollards.


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