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Unistrut® Fall Protection adds Portable Monorail System to Product Portfolio

Unistrut Fall Protection has expanded its product line to include a portable monorail system to meet high demand for mobile on-site fall arrest systems. The new product is ideal for use in air and truck transportation and also works well for transportation equipment manufacturers.

These systems are temporarily installed and repositionable to provide a fixed path of fall protection coverage up to 30° off center. The structures are completely portable and can be moved with a large forklift or with the optional steerable rolling chassis package. Designed with one or two support columns with cantilevered headers, they provide easy access to the top of many types of vehicles.

“This product is an excellent addition to our portfolio,” said Kevin Duda, North American Product Manager for Unistrut Fall Protection. “By expanding our product line, we can offer customers multiple solutions to fulfill their fall protection requirement,” he added. “This versatility enables us to deliver a safe and economical resolution to each individual need.”

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