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Unistrut® Canada Key Player in Completing Ontario Solar Installation

When Solar Logix encountered a few roadblocks with their roof mount installations for Ottawa Community Housing in Ottawa, Ontario, they turned to Unistrut Canada for assistance.
The project presented two sets of challenges. Initially, some unique permitting requirements needed to be met. Once those were overcome a very tight-deadline was in place.
Solar Logix had presented several other racking solutions which did not meet the permitting requirements and then turned to Unistrut Canada for a solution that would work. After an extensive review Unistrut’s team of engineers developed a design that met the height and load restrictions necessary to obtain the necessary permits. “Unistrut Canada was more than willing to provide us with engineering assistance and basically saved the day by providing a solution that worked,” said Jason Ritchat, General Manager of Solar Logix.

With that task accomplished, the assignment shifted towards meeting the required timeline. Through effective project management, Unistrut Canada was able to supply the necessary materials including channel, panel clips hardware, Miro Industries bases and threaded rod in a timely manner and the deadlines were met.

In order to ensure an efficient installation, Unistrut Canada sent an experienced crew to the job-site to provide hands-on training to the Solar Logix team allowing them to complete the projects on schedule. The successful completion of this project led to an additional 90kw FIT installation being awarded in Sault Ste. Marie using the Unistrut Canada racking solution. “After only a few installations we have decided to use Unistrut Canada for all of our commercial installations moving forward, it makes things a lot easier,” said Ritchat. “We have found them to be the best commercial roofing solution available in the Ontario market,” he added.

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