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Under Floor Wiring Cleans Up Maryland Casino

The Maryland Live Casino was faced with a daunting challenge when designing its gambling floor. It was confronted with devising a way to wire over 3,000 slot machines in an aesthetically pleasing manner. In addition to making the casino look as attractive as possible, the goal was to have the gaming floor be relatively free of obstructions, creating a positive experience for its patrons.

After careful consideration it was determined that utilizing under floor wiring was the best option for powering the gaming devices. ACS Unifab™ Intelligent Floor Power was chosen to complete this task. By safely and securely supplying the system and equipment power underneath the floor, the developers were able to meet their challenge of providing a space above and around the slot machines that was completely free of wiring and other related products.

In addition to keeping the gaming area clear, the manufactured wiring system allowed for a quick to assemble solution that was completed on-time without any issues. The nearly half a million dollar project included over 2,000 duplex assemblies to power the slot machines and casino signage.

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