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Telespar Works with Pacific Products and Services to Assist CalTrans


Tim Bedinger, National Sales Manager for Telespar has recently received word from the California Department of Transportation “Caltrans” that slip base installations have been approved for use in the State. Previously, 2.5” x 10 gauge Telespar has been utilized in single post applications with ground anchors. The new slip base applications will allow for Telespar to replace wood post applications.

Bedinger along with Doug Linder of Pacific Products and Services were able to demonstrate multiple benefits by selecting the Telespar post and slip base system. A primary concern for Caltrans is the Target Value on installation and replacement. The Telespar and slip base system reduces the necessary man hours by half. This leads to a safer roadway with an end goal of fewer accidents.

Logistical benefits include smaller inventories and safer bundle sizes. Telespar is simply easier to work with in inventory than cumbersome bundles of wooden posts. The state will also receive an environmental benefit. Telespar systems are non-toxic and the state receives a value when damaged posts are recycled in the commercial market. Due to chemical treatment, wooden posts require the state to pay for disposal of all posts that are no longer serviceable.

“This has been a three year effort with Pacific Products and we are excited to bring additional value to The State of California” Bedinger stated.

Look for Telespar posts and slip base installations along California roadways soon!