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The Korridor: Multiple Acquisitions, New Products, New Resources

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Welcome to a new year and a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

In this edition, we’re bringing you a lot of exciting news. Since you last heard from us, we’ve made three new acquisitions that strengthen the Atkore portfolio, with new fittings, cables, prefabrication offerings, and additional resources.

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What’s in this Issue?

Atkore Acquires United Structural Products

Atkore Acquires Cor-Tek by Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Company

Atkore Acquires Flytec Systems

Konkore Fittings Introduces Diecast Fittings

MC-Plus Cables Now Offered with Aluminum Armor

Prefabrication Solutions from Atkore

ACS/Uni-Fab Announces Pre-Wired Load Centers

Razor Ribbon BC NATO-22 and Rapid Deployment Unit Flyers

PVC Spec Sheets Available for Heritage Plastics and Allied Tube & Conduit

Mechanical Products from Allied Tube & Conduit Are More Than Just Tubing

Atkore Acquires United Structural Products

United Structural Products, of Atlanta, Georgia, is a manufacturer of welded aluminum and engineered-to-order cable trays that are built per NEMA standards and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). USP is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and will continue operating at their current location under their flagship brand of US Tray.

Read About the US Tray Acquisition »

US Tray

Atkore Acquires Cor-Tek™ by Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Company

Atkore acquired the assets of Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Company, located in Pendleton, Oregon, a leader in PVC conduit and duct products sold under the Cor-Tek™ brand name. Specializing in cellular core technology, the product offering includes a complete line of PVC conduit and duct products available in one-half inch through eight-inch diameters and in 10 foot and 20-foot lengths that meet UL, NEMA and ASTM specifications.

Read More About the Cor-Tek Acquiition »


Atkore Acquires Flytec Systems

Atkore is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Flytec, a metal trunking manufacturer based in Swindon, England. Flytec enhances the Atkore metal trunking product range and includes high-quality galvanized and painted metal trunking products. This broad range of available trunking products also increases the ability to facilitate custom designed requests, adding capability, capacity, and increases the speed of engineering requests. The underfloor solution from Flytec complements the Marco Cable Systems range with a broader product portfolio.

Visit the Flytec website »


Konkore Fittings® Introduces Diecast Fittings Product Offering

Konkore Fittings is pleased to announce the introduction of zinc diecast fittings to their extensive offering of electrical fitting products.

The new diecast fittings offer an additional option to its steel and malleable iron products. Diecast fittings from Konkore Fittings are precision cast and mechanically vibratory-finished products providing secure connections that meet the toughest industry standards.

Learn more about the Zinc Diecast Fittings »

Zinc Diecast Fittings

AFC Cable Systems® Announces MC-Plus® Cables
Now Offered with Aluminum Armor

AFC Cable Systems has announced an expansion to their MC-Plus cable offering to now include aluminum armor. MC-Plus cable is designed to replace multi-wire shared neutral branch circuit applications, where simultaneous disconnects are required. MC-Plus is a UL Listed neutral per phase MC Cable. The aluminum expansion is a complement to the steel armor MC-Plus portfolio.

Learn more about MC-Plus and MC-Plus Lite Neutral Per Phase Cables.

MC-Plus and MC-Plus Lite Neutral Per Phase Cables

Prefabrication Solutions from Atkore

Helping contractors bridge the gap in today’s construction market.

Did you know that Atkore now provides customers with off-the-shelf to fully engineered modular systems? Prefabricated solutions from Atkore help building owners and contractors through faster job completion, greater cost certainty, higher quality, and cleaner/safer job sites.

Learn more about Prefabrication Solutions from Atkore »

ACS/Uni-Fab Pre-Wired Load Centers, Built to Engineer Specs, Save Time, Labor, and Storage

ACS/Uni-Fab has introduced fully engineered pre-wired load centers to increase efficiencies on electrical wiring projects.

They are especially useful for contractors and building owners looking for ways to speed up installation time on large-scale, repetitive jobs such as hotels, condos, health care facilities, and college dormitories.

Learn how the new ACS/Uni-Fab load centers simplify the materials process and reduce onsite labor in several ways.

Pre-Wired Load Centers

Razor Ribbon® BTC NATO-22 and Rapid Deployment Unit Flyers

Razor Ribbon is excited to announce its latest blade profile. The BTC NATO-22 barb sets the new standard for barbed tape applications requiring NATO compliance.

The Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) Trailer is taking the industry by storm. Its ability to deploy over 400 ft (121 m) in less than 30 seconds makes it an ideal solution for your security needs.

PVC Spec Sheets Available for Heritage Plastics®
and Allied Tube & Conduit®

There are now over 20 new PVC electrical conduit, fittings, and accessories specification sheets on both the Heritage Plastics and Allied Tube & Conduit websites. These spec sheets feature technical information in a simple format.

spec sheets

Mechanical Products from Allied Tube & Conduit®
Are More Than Just Tubing

The Allied Tube & Conduit brand offers added value that assists customers from start to finish on projects. Allied Tube & Conduit doesn’t simply make tubing, they create solutions for your business.

Before manufacturing a single tube, the process begins with a single purpose: to make your business better. Allied Tube & Conduit works to understand your business and identify opportunities for fresh, creative thinking, and unconventional answers. With such a wide-range of uses, Allied Tube & Conduit’s in-line galvanized tubing represents versatility.

For more information on how we’ve redefined mechanical tubing, visit:

Updated Catalog Available from Allied Tube & Conduit®

Allied Tube & Conduit recently released a new conduit, elbows, couplings and nipples catalog that includes the addition of the Super Kwik-Couple® Conduit Raintight products for GRC and IMC. The 64-page catalog also highlights the complete line of electrical products available from the brand.

View the Allied Tube & Conduit electrical product digital flipbook to see the updates »

Allied Tube & Conduit Catalog