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Locust Electric Lends Their Expertise To Major Furniture Retailer Ikea

When Byers Electric was finalizing plans for a large rooftop solar project for a major furniture retailer they were concerned about the supports on the original specifications. The installation crew was worried about transporting the heavy pieces onto the rooftop. The product that was shown in the drawings had an issue with puddling which could affect the integrity of the roof.

A representative from Byers scheduled a meeting with Jack Connor of Locust Electric, a Unistrut® distributor to see if he could offer any alternatives. Jack quickly understood the problem and suggested using Unipier® Rooftop Pipe supports. After reviewing the samples and specifications Byers determined that Unipier would meet the project requirements. The new supports eliminated the concerns raised by his crew. The end result was a successful installation that met the customers’ needs.

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