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Korridor Newsletter for April 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

This edition of the Korridor brings you some new products that innovate and enhance, some pretty exciting success stories, a new website, enhanced online calculators, more videos that quickly show you key benefits, plus more great information all across the board!

As always, all of our Korridor articles are available to read on our website at

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What’s in this Issue?

MC Luminary Cable: 2015 EC&M Product of the Year

Vineyard Stakes Video – Installation Made Easier

Two New Products in Cush-A-Clamp Family

“Egg-cellent” Solution for Rose Acre Farm

AFC Cable from 1928 found in 1860’s Victorian Home

Setting up a Perimeter at ISC West Expo

Power-Strut Cut Sheets Now Available

Newly Enhanced Engineering Calculators for Allied

Razor Ribbon’s Website Just Got Shinier

Allied’s Sprinkler Division to Exhibit at NFSA

Unistrut Launches Strongest Concrete Insert

Take the Kwik Challenge and Start Saving Today


MC Luminary Cable™ is 2015 EC&M Product of the Year

EC&M Magazine Product of the Year

AFC Cable Systems is the 2015 Product of the Year Winner for MC Luminary Cable™ Type MC-PCS in the Wire & Cable Category in Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine (EC&M).

Products were chosen by a panel of judges representing electrical professionals from engineering, contractor and plant facilities and maintained industries.

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Vineyard Stakes Video – Installation Made Easier

Unistrut Defender Salt Spray Testing

This new video from Allied Tube & Conduit® on the improved vine training system details how the Allied system installs quicker and even reduces vineyard maintenance and labor costs. It’s easier to raise and lower training (trellising) wires in a single step. It eliminates the need for clips, nails or other wire attachment methods with engineered notches. Allied’s square tubular stake improves driveability with superior strength and durability.

Allied’s vine training system is capable of incorporating drip irrigation lines above ground and away from sharp tools making it easy to detect leaks and maintain water lines. The vine training system also reduces equipment damage due to fallen metal clips when harvesting grapes, it reduces vine damage due to over-handling by using this efficient notched system and reduces vine breakage due to wind damaged stakes.

For more information on the Allied Improved Vine Training System check out the video.

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Two New Innovative Products for the Cush-A-Clamp Family

Cush-a-Claw and Cush-a-Nator from Unistrut

The Unistrut Cush-A-Nator® is a new breakthrough in cushioned clamping.

The Unistrut Cush-A-Claw™ is the newest breakthrough in toolless clamps.


Allied Delivers an “Egg-cellent” Solution at Rose Acre Farms

Chickens at Rose Acre Farms

Rose Acre Farms, a leading national producer of eggs and egg products recently approached Allied looking to utilize Allied’s galvanized tubing as perch stands throughout their egg laying facilities.

Searching for a tube product that was strong and durable that would stand up to the corrosive nature of bird droppings, Allied’s Non-Prime Sales Manager Ron Chalos proposed using one of Allied’s value-added products – diamond embossing, applied to our 1.315 round tubing.

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AFC Cable from 1928 found in 1860’s Victorian Home

In the small town of Enfield, NH, a home owner was renovating his 1860’s Victorian home when he came across some old wiring from 1928. What he found was 14-2 Steel B&S Gage armored cable from American Flexible Conduit Company which is now known as AFC Cable Systems. The cable was still functioning nearly ninety years later.

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AFC Cable in Victorian Home


Setting up a Perimeter at ISC West Expo

The Razor Ribbon® team will soon be setting a booth perimeter out west. Allied will be exhibiting at the upcoming ISC West Expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 15-17.

Exhibiting in booth #34059, Allied Tube & Conduit’s Razor Ribbon® will highlight its complete line of cutting edge Razor-Ribbon – Barbed Tape Security Solutions, along with its stable of high strength security fencing framework products.

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Razor Ribbon


Power-Strut Cut Sheets Now Available, Customizable Online

The Power-Strut product cut sheets are available for every part and includes the part image, information and specifications.

It’s simple to download the product cut sheets.
View the instructions »



Newly Enhanced Engineering Calculators for Allied

Allied Tube & Conduit®’s Mechanical Division recently unveiled their newly improved Engineering Calculators.

These four mechanical calculators provide a valuable resource for engineers, designers and other industry professionals who are conducting any type of structural analysis.

Each calculator is designed to work on your desktop computer but also on smart phones and mobile devices. That means you can take it on the road, to a job-site, or anywhere you might want to do advanced calculations. The calculators have been further improved with an overhaul of their look and feel for simplified usage and presentation of complex data.

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Tube Substitution Calculator for Schedule Pipe


Razor Ribbon’s Website Just Got Shinier!

Atkore just launched a brand new website for Razor Ribbon featuring a sleek new design that’s easy to navigate and is an all around pleasant experience. 

Whether you’re viewing the website on your computer or your mobile phone, you’ll experience all the greatness that Razor Ribbon has to offer. Share pages instantly with colleagues or just get the information you need at the click of a mouse or the tap of your screen.

Explore the new website today »

Unistrut Defender Salt Spray Testing


Allied’s Sprinkler Division to Exhibit at NFSA

Allied will be exhibiting at the upcoming National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) show held in Orlando, Florida from April 30- May 2.

Exhibiting in Booth #504, the Allied contingent will showcase its complete line of innovative and reliable sprinkler pipe products including Dyna-Flow, XL/BLT and Dyna-Thread to Schedule 10/Schedule 40.

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Unistrut Launches Strongest Concrete Insert on the Market

Unistrut Concrete Insert

Unistrut has just launched the strongest Concrete Insert on the market, the Unistrut P3246. The P3246 is designed for heavy duty applications with up to 5,700 lbs tension capacity in 3,000 psi concrete. 

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Take the Kwik Challenge and Start Saving Today

Kwik Conduit Challenge Video

Allied invites you to Take the Kwik Challenge. Watch a head-to-head competition between Kwik-Fit EMT and a standard conduit and coupling and see for yourself why Kwik-Compression EMT is more than two times quicker to install than standard EMT and a fitting.

Allied’s Kwik Product solutions allow you to save up to 50% on material and labor costs. Allied’s built-in coupling significantly cuts installation time and helps to minimize your inventory. Take the Kwik Challenge and start installing conduit “Kwiker” today!

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