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Korridor: Innovative Enhancements in Products and Resources

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

In this edition, we’re bringing you a lot of exciting news. We have an entirely new sanitary strut solution, a cross-reference tool to make converting to us easier and more manageable, innovative enhancements, and some expansions to codes and standards.

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What’s in this Issue?

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Calbrite™ Expands Product Line – Introducing BriteRail™

New Cross-Reference Tool from Konkore Fittings™

Gaylord Box Packaging Solution Now Available

Expanded Pre-Fabricated Service from Unistrut®

Six-Pack Rapid Deployment Unit from Razor Ribbon®

Konkore Fittings™ Publishes Innovative Products Brochure

ACS/Uni-Fab™ Expands Pre-fabricated Device Assemblies

Allied Tube & Conduit® Mechanical Tube is UL 2703 Compliant

Konkore Fittings® Expands Line of Universal Super Fittings

IMC Added to Two-Hour Fire Rated Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems


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Calbrite™ Expands Product Line – Introducing BriteRail

BriteRail is a new, innovative design in conduit support systems for sanitary and wash-down environments.

BriteRail is manufactured with a dome-shaped design to shed water and minimize harboring microbial bacteria to ultimately improve the sanitary conditions of a facility. All BriteRail accessories help eliminate exposed threads after installation to further increase its sanitary properties.

Read all about the new BriteRail™ sanitary strut »



New Cross-Reference Tool from Konkore Fittings™

Atkore has just released a new Cross-Reference Tool, first unveiled on the Konkore Fittings™ website for their electrical fittings products. With this tool, you can find our functionally equivalent parts based on another manufacturer’s part number.

Enter one part number, multiple part numbers on separate lines, or enter partial part numbers (don’t forget to read the search tips). The tool is flexible and you’ll have the opportunity to download a spreadsheet of the parts that you cross.

Try the tool today to find the functionally equivalent electrical fittings available through Konkore Fittings™.

Try the Cross-Reference Tool now »

Cross Reference Tool


Gaylord Box Packaging Solution Now Available via AFC

The Gaylord packaging solution is ideal for electrical contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) focused on prefabrication and agile off-site construction. The Gaylord pallet-sized corrugated bulk storage box holds one continuous length of Type MC Cables or Type AC Cables up to 6,000 feet.

Read about the Gaylord box packaging solution »

Gaylor Box


Expanded Pre-Fabricated Service from Unistrut®

Unistrut® recently launched a new pre-fabrication service focused on overhead trapeze supports. Driven by customer demand, Unistrut® is proud to announce expansions and improvements to the offering.

Three Options: Fully Assembled, Pre-Cut Lengths & Kitted, and Pre-Cut Lengths

New Pricing:  Cost reductions have allowed more competitive pricing

Expanded to More Applications: Works with lighting supports, meter racks, H-frames, multi-tier trapeze, and custom fabrication (you design it, we build it)


To give it a try, access our order form here or email your details to We can provide a quote with drawings, hand sketches, BIM / CAD models or other details that you have available.

Unistrut trapeze


Six-Pack Rapid Deployment Unit from Razor Ribbon®
Extremely Successful

The Six-Pack RDU from Razor Ribbon® is designed to quickly deploy for emerging threats.

It has the capacity to deploy 247 ft, or approximately 75 m, of Razor Ribbon® in just a few minutes! It can also be recovered manually using only 2-3 people in approximately 20 minutes. The Six-Pack RDU can be utilized as a temporary or permanent barrier. These are just a few of the benefits of the rapid deployment unit. 

Learn more benefits of the Six-Pack RDU on our website »

Six-Pack Rapid Deployment Unit


Konkore Fittings™ Publishes Innovative Products Brochure

Konkore Fittings™ recently introduced a brand new Innovative Connections brochure that highlights many of their latest innovative product offerings.

What’s new and innovative within electrical fittings? Your answers lie within!

View the Innovative Connections brochure now »

Innovative Connections Brochure


ACS/Uni-Fab™ Expands Pre-Fabricated Device Assemblies

ACS/Uni-Fab™ has expanded their line of device assemblies to include options ranging from basic assemblies all the way up to fully engineered systems. Our “job-in-a-box” solutions allow contractors to build pre-fab packages to meet their needs while saving time and money on the job site.

See our full offering on our website and watch our video while there. The video compares a traditional installation to a fully engineered ACS system. Watch the contractor save up to 60% time on his installation.

View our pre-fabricated device assemblies now »


Solar Compliance Notice: Allied Tube & Conduit®
Mechanical Tube is UL 2703 Compliant

Being UL 2703 compliant is just an added benefit to Allied Tube & Conduit® mechanical solar capabilities. You get more from your solar panel when you have the right racking system.

Allied’s solar solution comes in our ability to do the following:

Provide small and large outside diameter (OD) sizes up to 7 gauge and 40? in length

Meet and exceed tube strength requirements of 50,000-70,000 psi utilizing Structural Grade and High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel

Tool up for new profiles to meet your specific needs

UL 2703 Compliant

And More


See our full list of solar capabilities »

solar racking


Konkore Fittings™ Expands Line of Universal Super Fittings

Konkore Fittings™ recently expanded its line of Universal Super Fittings. New concrete tight 3-Piece Couplings from 1/2″ – 2″ were added, increasing the overall offering to 1/2″-5″ sizes.

This patented UL approved line of fittings connects threaded pipe to threaded rigid or IMC pipe, and threaded pipe to unthreaded rigid, IMC, EMT or PVC pipe. This fitting replaces standard 3-Piece Couplings in the market place. The patented benefit is that there is no need to disassemble the fitting. Just insert and tighten, reducing installation time and saving money. It’s ideal when conduit cannot be turned.

Learn more about the Universal Super Fitting »


IMC Added to Two-Hour Fire Rated Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems

In 2012, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) made changes to the Electrical Circuit Integrity Systems (FHIT Systems) listing program.

These changes require the entire electrical circuit protective system undergo testing for the 2-hour rating, and that such rating be issued for the full system. The rating must also list all combinations of components and materials specified in each individual system.

Until now, systems including cable in a galvanized steel raceway only included EMT. IMC is now also included in FHIT system number 40A with Comtran Cable LLC’s Vitalink® Cable.

Read the entire Article on »


North Carolina State Construction Office Now Allows
Type MC Cable

Decades ago, when Type MC Cable first became approved for use by the National Electric Code (NEC), some states and municipalities were hesitant to accept the new wiring method preferring to maintain using traditional methods. Over time, the benefits of cable became widely known and states slowly began accepting them into their codes.

Learn more about Type MC Cable and their place in North Carolina »