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Korridor: Innovation is What We Do: A New Wiring System, Expanded Tray Load Depth, Innovative Connections and More!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

In this edition, we’re bringing you a new wiring system, an introduction to our innovative connections, a response to a common question about couplings in hazardous locations, new websites, a new cable tray load depth, and product content updates on a number of websites.

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What’s in this Issue?

ACS/Uni-Fab Launches New 10 AWG Modular Wiring System

Konkore Fittings Introduces Innovative Connections Brochure

Steel Tube Institute Addresses Use of Standard Rigid Couplings in Hazardous Locations

Unistrut® is Saving Contractor’s Time with its New Service

Two New Websites: Calbond and Calpipe Security Bollards

Cope Offering New COPE-GLAS™ Cable Tray Load Depth

New Updates to Allied Tube & Conduit’s Electrical Conduit Catalog & Website


ACS/Uni-Fab™ Launches NEW 10 AWG Modular Wiring System

ACS/Uni-Fab™ is excited to announce the launch of our new 10 AWG Modular Wiring System offering.

This system features an audible click and visual confirmation when connections are made.

Available in multiple configurations, UL and CSA Certified, this robust design plugs into existing 10 AWG systems.

Learn more through our 10 AWG brochure »

10 AWG Modular Wiring System Brochure


Konkore Fittings® Introduces Innovative Connections Brochure

Konkore Fittings® recently introduced a new product brochure highlighting many of their most recent innovative connector products. The brochure highlights many of the latest cutting-edge connectors from Konkore Fittings® including the Universal Super Fitting, Screw-On Liquidtight Connectors and Space Saver Box Connectors.

Konkore Fittings offers more than 1,400 connectors to reliably and securely connect your raceway. Visit to download your Innovative Connections brochure today and “Get Connected with Konkore Fittings®”.

View the Innovative Connections Brochure »

Innovative Connections Brochure


Steel Tube Institute Addresses Use of Standard Rigid Couplings in Hazardous Locations

Atkore has received periodic questions on the use of our standard couplings on Rigid and IMC conduit in Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations. Often, these questions arise in the form of requests for the explosion proof listing associated with the coupling, which does not exist.

Following discussions with the Steel Tube Institute Technical Committee, they developed a letter regarding this particular question.

Read the letter from the Steel Tube Institute »

Steel Tube Institute


Unistrut® is Saving Contractor’s Time with its New Service

Unistrut® prefabricates and kits trapeze systems to save the contractor time and money. There was a time study conducted that resulted in Unistrut saving the contractor 6.5 minutes per trapeze assembly. Check out the below scenario to get a clear picture:

Job Scenario: A project requires 700 trapeze systems. A typical installation takes a contractor around 6 minutes to install. If you use Unistrut®, you’ll save 70 hours of labor!

Learn more about this great time-saving service »

Trapeze System


Two New Websites: Calbond® and Calpipe Security Bollards®

The Atkore marketing team is proud to unveil the two newest websites for Calbond® and Calpipe Security Bollards®. 

Both websites have been designed with the familiar Atkore look and feel, modern design standards and ease of navigation. 

Our updated website includes enhanced navigation with dropdowns for both mobile and desktop versions that direct you to the information most relevant to you. We’ve also improved the structure of our products and resources. There are multiple impactful changes, all designed with the intention of enhancing your experience.

Calbond®: PVC Coated Conduit

Calpipe Security Bollards®: Perimeter protection for pedestrians, drivers and a building’s architecture


Cope® Offering New COPE-GLAS™ Cable Tray Load Depth

Cope is excited to announce a new 5″ load depth for its COPE-GLAS™ cable tray enhancing the line of existing 2″, 4″, and 6″ depths.

The COPE-GLAS™ cable tray is able to withstand severely corrosive environments. Its improved weatherability can extend product life expectancy and dramatically reduce tray installation life cycle costs.

The tray is available in 10′ or 20′ lengths and meets UL 568. A standard or special design can be fabricated for any indoor or outdoor application regardless of size.

Learn more about 5″ load depth for COPE-GLAS™ »


Allied Tube & Conduit® has New Updates to the
Electrical Conduit Catalog & Website

Pay a visit to and take a look at the many updates and changes we have made to the Elbows, Couplings and Nipples (ECN) section of the site. You’ll see the same thing within our updated catalog that features over 60 pages of our innovative products and solutions.

Take a look at the updated website today »


Eastern Wire + Conduit™ Website Changes Made with the Customer in Mind

If it’s been a while since your last visit to the Eastern Wire + Conduit™ website, grab your smartphone or head to your keyboard and check out the many recent changes. Nearly every page of our catalog and our website have been recently updated to include the most relevant and up-to-date information and charts.

View the Eastern Wire + Conduit™ website today »