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July 2016 Korridor Newsletter

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

In this edition, we have four new product launches to share with you. At Atkore, we make it our business to provide better products to our customers through continuous improvement and innovation. Our latest product innovations are from our metal conduit, armored cable and mechanical businesses. Stay ahead of the game with these game-changing products!

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What’s in this Issue?

MC Luminary Cable Family Expansion:
2 New Products

Introducing Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows

The New Sign Support System by Telespar –  MASSH-400

Heritage Plastics has Two New Catalogs

Unistrut and Columbia University Bring Students’ Imagination to Life

AFC Cable Systems Celebrates 90 Years

Hot Off the Press: Eastern Wire + Conduit Catalog


MC Luminary Cable Family Expansion: 2 New Products!

MC Luminary Cables

AFC Cable Systems has expanded their MC Luminary Cable product family to include MC Luminary HCF for healthcare applications requiring redundant grounding per NEC 517.13 and MC Luminary MultiZone which can replace up to three traditional MC Luminary Cables or three power and three control cables.

Learn more about the MC Luminary Cable family »


Introducing Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows

Super Kwik-Couple

Allied Tube & Conduit® proudly introduces their new and innovative Super Kwik-Couple® conduits, offering you the best of both worlds – coming later in July 2016! Super Kwik-Couple conduit, available in both GRC and IMC conduit and GRC elbows, is listed to UL6 and UL1242. The patented coupling allows Super Kwik-Couple conduit to connect to both threaded and unthreaded product. Just line up the conduit, turn the compression ring and you’re done. It really is that simple. We even have a short video to show you just how revolutionary this product is!

Learn more about Super Kwik-Couple today »


The New Sign Support System by Telespar® –  MASSH-400

Telespar launches new, MASH Compliant sign support system: MASSH-400. The sign support post is a 4-inch square x 8 gauge steel tube with a superior Gatorshield® finish to prevent corrosion. The MASSH-400 is designed to be impacted from ANY direction unlike typical beam posts, and is field fit ready with the ability to hold up to 72 ft2 of sign area per post in a 90 mph wind zone. Visit our website to learn how the MASSH-400 enhances the performance of large sign posts as well as generate material and labor savings.

Read more about the MASSH-400 »



Heritage Plastics has Two New Catalogs

Heritage Plastics recently introduced two new catalogs.  The 40-page PVC Conduit, Elbows and Fittings full color-catalog is loaded with product information and part numbers providing you with a library of information right at their fingertips. In addition, the 16-page PVC Water and Plumbing Pipe full-color catalog offers the latest sizing and part number information for the stable of Heritage products.

View the PVC Electrical Conduit catalog »

View the PVC Water and Plumbing Pipe catalog »

Heritage Plastics Catalogs


Unistrut and Columbia University Bring Students’ Imagination to Life

Paul Hughes, Regional Sales Manager, was approached by the professor of architecture at Columbia University to sponsor material for a course project. The course requires students to create new methods of fabrication, using industry standards, to realize innovative solutions to both structure and form.

Rebecca Book, Adjunct Assistant Professor, said her students found that Unistrut was the best option for creating rigid, unobtrusive, and collapsible frames.

Read this Article on »

Columbia University Course


AFC Cable Systems Celebrates 90 Years

AFC Cable Systems turns 90 this year! First opening our doors in 1926, AFC has grown and evolved over the years to bring our customers innovative products that save time, labor and cost. Many of these products are still in use today, and the innovation doesn’t stop there! AFC recently launched two new MC Luminary family products MC Luminary HCF™ and MC Luminary MultiZone™.

To see all of AFC’s innovations, go to the new AFC History Timeline »

See our full offering and learn more about AFC and our history at

AFC Celebrating 90 Years


Hot Off the Press: Eastern Wire + Conduit Catalog

Eastern Wire & Conduit recently updated their 32-page catalog. The Innerduct & Custom Armor Product full color- catalog is packed with current part numbers, product details and other ancillary information providing customers with a wealth of valuable information right at the click of a mouse.

View the digital flipbook version of the catalog on our website or just view the product selection directly on the website!

Eastern Wire + Conduit Catalog


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