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January 2017 Korridor Newsletter

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re asking for your feedback. In addition to the survey and an opportunity for you to win an iPad mini 4, we’ll be introducing you to some new products from Unistrut, Power-Strut, and Cope, a few new videos and a whole lot more!

As always, all of our Korridor articles are available to read on our website at

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What’s in this Issue?

Enter for a Chance to Win the All-New iPad Mini 4!

New Video: New and Improved MCI-A MC-Quik Cable

Unistrut & Power-Strut Release Strongest Strut Bracket in the Market!

New Product: Cope’s EMT to Wire Basket Clip

Universal Super Fitting Video: It’s All About the Numbers

Unistrut is Now Making Billboard Catwalks

New Sell Sheet Released for Super Kwik-Couple Conduit

Handling and Installing Wire and Cable on a Job Site

Where is Your Heritage Sales Rep? Right at Your Fingertips!

NEW Catalog from AFC Cable Systems

The MASSH-400 is MASH Compliant

New K-Factors for FlexHead’s Dry Pendent System

Enter for a Chance to Win the All-New iPad Mini 4!

How do you like this newsletter? Hopefully we didn’t just open a can of worms with that question!

We’d like to hear from all of our Korridor readers. Tell us what you do and don’t like about our newsletter. What can we do to make it better? What do you like most about it?

If you take our quick survey, we’ll enter you into a random raffle for an all-new iPad Mini 4. Survey open for a limited time!

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iPad mini 4

New Video: New and Improved MCI-A MC-Quik Cable

Learn how to save time and money with AFC’s MCI-A MC-Quik cable.

MC-Quik Cables makes cable terminations up to 60% faster with less jobsite waste than competitive metal-clad, interlocked steel or aluminum products and does not require termination.

Watch our New Video to Learn More »

MC-Quik Cable Video

Unistrut & Power-Strut Release Strongest Strut Bracket!

Unistrut and Power-Strut Heavy Duty Bracket

The Unistrut P2580 & Power-Strut PS 820 are the highest capacity strut brackets in the market. This heavy duty bracket is 35% STRONGER than competing brackets! It is designed to hold heavier loads, increase the span between supports, and allow attachment on top and bottom. Order today and see the SIGNIFICANT difference in material and labor cost savings.

New Product: Cope’s EMT to Wire Basket Clip

Cope has a NEW EMT to Wire Basket Clip that makes connecting conduit to wire basket easy. The only tools required is a pair of pliers. This clip allows for two mounting configurations that allows ½” to 1 ¼” EMT connectors.

Connect EMT to Wire Basket »

EMT to Wire Basket Clip

Universal Super Fitting Video: It’s All About the Numbers

As the old saying goes, “the numbers don’t lie.” Take a look for yourself by viewing Konkore Fittings new Universal Super Fitting video. Across the board, in side-by-side comparisons, Konkore’s Universal Super Fitting led the field in speed and ease of installation demonstrations. Just insert the conduit and tighten the compression nut. It’s really that quick and easy.

Along with the installation demos, the Universal Super Fitting video provides a laundry list of the many features and benefits that come with using this revolutionary new product. Universal Super Fitting eliminates field threading, allowing you to connect GRC to IMC, EMT or other GRC whether it’s threaded or unthreaded.

View the Video on Our Website »

Universal Super Fitting Video

Do You Know the Billboards You See on the Side of the Road? Unistrut is Now Making their Catwalks!

Acting on Voice of Customer feedback, our catwalks are a pre-welded assembly with a modular design that eliminates most field assembly, creating HUGE labor savings. View our new brochure for a complete product overview.

View the Brochure Now »

Billboard Catwalk

New Sell Sheet Released for Super Kwik-Couple Conduit

In support of their latest product release – Super Kwik-Couple Conduit, Allied Tube & Conduit recently introduced a companion Super Kwik-Couple Sell Sheet. The sell sheet is packed with a bounty of features and benefits detailing how you can install Rigid Conduit and IMC Conduit faster than ever!

Super Kwik-Couple uses a patented coupling that connects to both threaded and unthreaded material. Super Kwik-Couple provides easy transitions for GRC, IMC and EMT. Super Kwik-Couple is factory installed on IMC & Rigid conduits and Rigid Elbows and is available on trade sizes 2 ½“ through 4”.

Check out the sell sheet and learn more about Super Kwik-Couple Conduit!

Super Kwik-Couple Conduit Sell Sheet

Handling and Installing Wire and Cable on a Job Site

Labor Saving Products from AFC

Over the past few years, an aging electrical contractor population and an overall labor shortage has uncovered the need to reduce labor and speed up cable installation, ultimately reducing the total installed cost.

The industry has been innovating around tools, cable types and accessories to meet this growing need. Below are two methods of accelerating jobsite installation and productivity.

View the Blog Article »

Where is Your Heritage Sales Rep? Right at Your Fingertips!

Finding a Heritage Plastics sales agent in your area is right at your fingertips with the Heritage Rep Locator on In just three easy steps, you can find the Heritage agent you need.

Step One: Select the product line you need.
Step Two: Click on the area of the map you need to purchase from
Step Three: Select the available representative from the search results.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Look for a Heritage Representative Now »

Heritage Plastics Rep Locator

NEW Catalog from AFC Cable Systems

Recently updated and revamped, our Cable Catalog now includes all of our MC Luminary Cable® family of products (MC Luminary, MC Luminary Jacketed, MC Luminary HCF, MC Luminary MultiZone), Pack N Roll, MC SnapIt and more.

View the Catalog as a Digital Flipbook »

AFC Cable Catalog

Did You Know All Sign Posts Will Have to be MASH Compliant? MASSH-400 is!

Allied Tube & Conduit is already ahead of the curve with the new Telespar MASSH-400. It has been successfully crash tested, meeting the required MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) Test Level 3 breakaway criteria. It is eligible for reimbursement of funds on Federal-aid projects on the National Highway System.

Try the MASSH-400 Today »

MASSH-400 Sign

New K-Factors for FlexHead’s Dry Pendent System

There are new K-factors for FlexHead’s newest product, the Dry Pendent System for freezer and cold storage applications. They are Factory Mutual (FM) approved with 5.6, 8.0 and 11.2 K-factor sprinkler heads. The Dry Pendent Sprinkler Head is installed in cold storage and freezer applications to protect them from fires.  See how the Dry Pendent system can also save you time and money.

Read More About the Dry Pendent System »

Dry Pendent System

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