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Introducing M-Coat, The Latest Technological Advancement for Fire Sprinkler Pipe

Allied Tube & Conduit, a brand of Atkore International, has developed M-COAT, the latest technological advancement for fire sprinkler pipe. This new coating is FBC™ system compatible for use in hybrid fire sprinkler systems, as well as FM Approved, representing a highly engineered pipe suited for the broadest range of fire sprinkler installations. 

“M-COAT is a major innovation in sprinkler pipe technology. It is very well-suited for use in hybrid systems and all steel systems alike, which will deliver a major benefit to fire protection contractors,” said Pat Wallis, National Sales Director, Standard Pipe for Atkore International.  “This product demonstrates the type of engineered pipe expertise historical of the Allied Tube & Conduit brand, “he added.

The coating meets the standards for CPVC compatibility established by the Lubrizol Corporation.  The FBC™ System Compatible Program is designed to test and monitor ancillary products on an ongoing basis by The Lubrizol Corporation to ensure chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® CPVC piping systems. All designated products qualify for the program by undergoing rigorous testing, which assures the product is acceptable for use with CPVC pipe manufactured by The Lubrizol Corporation or its authorized licensees.

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