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AFC Cable Systems® is working on their latest innovation, a next generation healthcare facilities cable (HCF) called HCF MC Cure. This new cable has a wavy ground/bond wire creating multiple touch points for a secure ground path.

Hospitals require secure ground paths in their wiring systems to ensure a low-impedance path to clear faults to critical equipment used in patient care areas. Patients rely on life saving clearing of ground faults when they are at their most vulnerable. Health Care Facility (HCF) Cable products provide an armor / aluminum bond wire ground path and redundant green ground.

HCF MC Cure meets and exceeds the UL 1569 tightness of armor test yet the armor is easily removed during installation, comes with AFC’s ColorSpec® ID System, and utilizes a patented process that eliminates the overall wrap. HCF MC Cure™ will be available later in 2014.

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