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Data Center Goes Online with Custom Ceiling Grid

A local developer in Australia had received a contract to build two data halls. They needed to construct a ceiling support grid to house multiple layers of cable baskets to feed UTP and fiber optic cables into the server racks. Through a partnership program the contractor directly engaged with the local Unistrut® staff to develop a custom, structurally load rated and adjustable ceiling grid.

Unistrut then teamed with two partners to complete the installation. The completed ceiling support grids consisted of nearly 1000 metres of custom designed P1000 channel with tbar tiles seat and hardware. The successful completion of the installation resulted in an offer to build six new data centers bringing the total value of all projects to $1.25 million dollars.

“This is an ideal example of how building solid partnerships can generate revenue,” said Steve Palmer, Sales Manager for Unistrut Victoria and Maston Feakes, the National Business Development Manager. “Without the teamwork of the three organizations this project would not have been completed successfully,” he added.

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