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Custom Armoring Service Aids DataComm Cable Provider

When an international cable provider was looking for a partner to assist them with armoring their fiber optic cable, they turned to one of the industry pioneers. AFC Cable Systems,® through its Eastern Wire + Conduit brand is one of the original providers of CPID cable products and still a leader in custom armoring.

Despite their experience in adding armor to customers’ fiber optic cable, the end-user was experiencing long delivery times due to a requirement that every order be custom engineered and quoted. This resulted in a 2-3 week process on every order.

In an effort to reduce this lead time the engineering team for Eastern Wire + Conduit partnered with the OEM’s staff to develop a workable solution. The end result was a series of standard designs that functioned for a wide-range of applications. This streamlined the design process and reduced quote times to 2-5 days giving the customer the delivery required to keep their business competitive.

“Our goal is to deliver high-quality products with low minimum runs and short lead times,” said Pete Carrabba national sales manager for AFC Cable Systems, Eastern Wire + Conduit brand. “This lead time was a burden to the customer, so we needed to be flexible in order to meet their needs. Our engineering staff did an exceptional job in expediting this process.”

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