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Critical Component Key to Success of Hartz Mountain Solar Installation

When engineers for the Hartz Mountain Solar Project needed a solution for harnessing the wiring for its 8.5MW ground mount solar project, they contacted the product specialists at Acroba™ wire basket.

The project consisted of over 30,000 solar modules and the mounting system developer needed to build a mechanism for connecting the massive amount of PV cabling to the inverters. The primary obstacle was devising a way to keep the cables level despite the pitch on the rack.

By working with the product team at Acroba, the engineers and contractor were able to develop a special bracket used in conjunction with Acroba’s wire basket. This design made the installation much easier and faster for the contractor; generating a substantial labor savings. The design functioned so well, that it was also used on a sister project located in nearby French Town, NJ. 120,000 feet of wire basket and nearly 11,000 brackets were used to complete the two projects.

“This is an excellent example of a team getting together to solve a problem,” said Mitch Diamond, product sales specialist for Acroba. “By working with the contractor and the racking system provider our product specialists were able to develop a solution that not only solved an engineering issue, but resulted in a major cost savings,” he added.

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