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Classes Begin at Atkore® University

Atkore International recently launched its online training resource titled Atkore University. This interactive program offers web training courses designed to help professionals become the best in the industry.

The comprehensive catalog includes courses sponsored by industry leading brands such as AFC Cable Systems®, Allied Tube & Conduit®, Cope® Cable Tray Systems, Unistrut®/Power-Strut® Metal framing and Kaf-Tech®. Students start by learning the basics of each product line and progress to studying the more technical aspects of each category. Once complete the individual will have developed a strong working knowledge of the key components in an electrical installation. In addition to product training, the program also offers both inside and outside sales training.

“Atkore University offers a well-rounded education in the electrical industry,” said Kristin Johnson-Holz Vice President – Global Marketing & Strategy for Atkore International. “By providing an all-inclusive course load we feel confident that the student will have a thorough background in electrical installation and hardware.”

To enroll in Atkore University log on to and get started.