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Atkore Launches 5 New Products and More!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Welcome to a new edition of The Korridor from Atkore International!

We’ve been hard at work this quarter and are proud to be able to introduce five new products from brands such as Konkore Fittings®, Razor Ribbon®, Cope®, and Power-Strut®. We’re also arming you with information on our PVC business, providing product education, training, and quite a bit more.

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What’s in this Issue?

Konkore Fittings Unveils Two Latest Product Innovations

Power-Strut’s Breakthrough Corrosion-Resistant Product line Power-Strut Defender Launches

Razor Ribbon Introduces NEW Sensor Clip

Introducing Quick-Latch for Wire Baskets

Why Choose Gatorshield over Pre-Galvanized Tubing?

What Conduit Should be Used in Extreme Temperatures?

How Do You Attach 5/8″ Threaded Rod to Strut?

Allied Tube & Conduit Achieves Programmatic Excellence in IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)

Atkore’s LEED Letters Updated to LEED Version 4

What Cables Should be Used in Wet Locations?

NSF Certification and Atkore’s PVC Brands

Make the Calculations work with FlexHead’s 1.25″ Flexible Hose

The Water Side of Atkore’s Business


Konkore Fittings Unveils Two Latest Product Innovations

Konkore Fittings®, a part of Atkore International is proud to introduce its two latest product innovations: Universal Super Connector & Universal 5-Piece Coupling.

Universal Super Connector is used to connect GRC/IMC/EMT pipe to boxes or conduit bodies. Universal 5-Piece Coupling is used to connect two threaded or unthreaded pipes (GRC/IMC/EMT). Both products offer significant value-added features and benefits such as:

     • Up to 50% savings on material costs
     • Universal connecting
     • No need to turn or thread pipe
     • UL Listed 514B; C22.2; No. 18.3-12

Download the sales flyer, sell sheet, and view our YouTube videos that show simple installations demonstrating just how versatile these products are!

Why pay more for less with over-priced products? Take a look at Universal Super Connector & Universal 5-Piece Coupling and start your savings today!

Universal Super Connector & Universal Super 5-Piece Coupling


Power-Strut’s Breakthrough Corrosion-Resistant Product line Power-Strut Defender Launches!

Power-Strut Defender

Power-Strut® Defender™ is designed for harsh environments, providing a service life between Hot-Dip Galvanized and stainless steel systems. Independent testing shows that Power-Strut® Defender™ is THREE times more corrosion-resistant than Hot-Dip Galvanized products. In addition, Power-Strut® Defender™ avoids the use of costly stainless steel hardware.

Learn more and see how the Strut Self-Heals!


Razor Ribbon Introduces Security Innovation: Sensor Clip

Razor Ribbon® developed a new way to connect hanging sensor wire inside barbed tape without chaffing or setting off false alarms with the new Sensor Clip. The simplicity of the product design also allows for a quick and easy installation.

See the additional features and benefits of the new Sensor Clip

Sensor Clip


Introducing Quick-Latch for Wire Baskets

Cope® is excited to announce the new Quick-Latch™ for wire baskets. This new product is designed to reduce labor in the field. Though the typical Cope wire basket design comes with a pre-attached splice plate, creating multiple field cuts or manufacturing fittings can leave perfectly usable pieces of wire basket without any splice bar. Using the Quick-Latch is a great way to utilize these pieces and eliminate cost, labor, and time when splicing those parts together.

Learn more about the Quick-Latch product »

Quick Latch


Why Choose Gatorshield® over Pre-Galvanized Tubing?

Gatorshield® by Allied Tube & Conduit® and pre-galvanized tube are two of the most common types of galvanized tube used in the mechanical industry. Gatorshield offers significant advantages over pre-galvanized tube because of our Flo-Coat® technology. It’s all about the process and we’d like to show you how it differs.

See how Gatorshield outperforms pre-galvanized tube in multiple ways »

Gatorshield layers of protection


What Conduit Should be Used in Extreme Temperatures?

Summer is finally starting to heat up here in the northeast. Now seems like a good time to review products that are designed for extreme temperature applications. These applications typically include solar panel installations, refrigerated warehouses or factories and many other locations with extreme high and low temperature conditions.

AFC Cable Systems® offers several products that are suitable for use in high or low temperature situations.

Read the article to learn which products can be used in high or low temperature situations »

Extreme Temperature Cables


How Do You Attach 5/8″ Threaded Rod to Strut?

Threaded Rod - WT Channel

The easiest way is with Unistrut’s New WT Slotted Channel. Unistrut has listened to your feedback and developed this new slotted channel for 5/8” Threaded Rod.  WT Channel is the perfect solution for data centers, heavy-duty supports, grids and other heavy duty applications. Why spend more time and effort when you don’t have to? Work smarter, not harder!

Find out why else you need to use the WT Channel »


Allied Tube & Conduit Achieves Programmatic Excellence in IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW)

Allied Tube & Conduit® is proud to announce their achievement of reaching programmatic excellence in IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) Data Certification Program.

Read the Article on »

EC&M Category Winners for Product of the Year


Atkore’s LEED Letters Updated to LEED Version 4

The Industry Affairs team has reviewed and revised the LEED letters to reflect the most current information in LEED Version 4 (2016).  The letters are available on all business unit websites.

Read more about LEED and Atkore »



What Cables Should be Used in Wet Locations?

Many questions center on what cabling products are approved for wet and damp locations. Standard Armored Cable (AC) or Metal-Clad Cable (MC) may be used in locations that may be temporarily exposed to the elements such as rain during construction.

Learn which specific cables can be used »


NSF Certification and Atkore’s PVC Brands

Atkore’s PVC brands manufacture a series of product lines for use in non-electrical applications, which often require certification by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn the NSF certification.

Read this Article on »

NSF Certification


Can’t Make the Calculations Work with 1″ Flexible Drops?

The FlexHead® 1.25″ hose will solve your problem offering the best flows in the flexible drop market! Our 1.25″ hose is great for tenant improvement projects with similar flow characteristics to 1″ pipe. The product image shown is with the cut groove option.

Learn more benefits of the FlexHead 1.25” hose »

1.25" Flexible Hose


The Water Side of Atkore’s Business

Atkore’s PVC brands have a significant PVC water and plumbing pipe business, which supplies plastic products for irrigation, DWV (Drain-Waste-Vent), well casing and sewer and drain systems. The Atkore water pipe business also has significant possibilities for growth.

Learn more on »

Water Pipe


Online Training Available for MC Luminary MultiZone
and MC Luminary HCF

Have you heard about MC Luminary MultiZone™ or MC Luminary HCF™? Our Atkore University course on these products introduces you to the newest members of the MC Luminary Cable family of products. MC Luminary HCF™ is designed for healthcare applications while MC Luminary MultiZone™ is designed for daylight harvesting applications and California Title 24 applications.

The training refreshes students on our MC Luminary Cable® Type MC-PCS which was introduced in 2014 and reviews features and benefits of each product. Features and benefits include savings in labor and installation costs, energy savings and secure hard wired lighting control systems reduce threat of intrusion.

To take this course and to see our full catalog of available courses, go to Atkore University.

Atkore University