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Allied Tube & Conduit® Mechanical Division Wins Supplier of the Year Award

By achieving an astonishing 100% fill-rate for the 2011 calendar year, the mechanical division of Allied Tube & Conduit received Amarr Garage Doors’ 2011 Supplier of the Year award. In addition to perfect on-time delivery, a stellar quality and service performance resulted in a top composite score, earning the honor.

Amarr Garage Door is a leading designer and manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors located in Lawrence, Kansas. Allied Tube & Conduit produces galvanized tubing for Amarr. The tubes are used as the mechanism that creates internal torque to operate the garage door system. “The help of our excellent customer service team and the dedication of our agent, Meiners Sales, were the keys to winning this prestigious honor,” declared Loretta Kliver Director of Sales for the Mechanical Division of Allied Tube & Conduit. “Our goal is to deliver the best product, service and solutions to our customers,” she added. “This award validates all of the hard work we do day-in-and-day-out.”

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