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Allied Tube & Conduit® Fence Division – Holds Lunch and Learn

As part of our continuous efforts to provide value added services to our customers, Steve Disborough, Fence – Technical Services Coordinator for Allied Tube & Conduit, recently conducted a seminar for the personnel of Stephens Pipe & Steel.

Held at their Dallas office, the session covered a wide-range of topics including product information and specifications. The discussion focused on issues that the distributor faces in the field on a daily basis.

The bulk of the time was spent providing insight into positioning Allied Tube & Conduit products against alternatives in the marketplace with a heavy emphasis on imported product from other North American countries and overseas. This included a detailed description of our own manufacturing process and web site. In addition to providing product information, the discussion also covered codes and standards such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, LEED data, product certifications and major industry specifications.

“Our goal is to educate our distributors as much as humanly possible,” said Steve. “The more knowledgeable our customers are about what we have to offer, the easier it is for them to close sales,” he added.

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