Prefabrication Solutions

Our vision is to bring innovation and agility to your job site with quality labor saving products that outperform the competition.

Atkore’s prefabrication offering from off-the-shelf to fully engineered modular systems help building owners and contractors through faster job completion, greater cost certainty, higher quality, and cleaner/safer job-sites.

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Why Choose Atkore International for Prefabrication?

Schedule Compression

Off-site prefabrication allows for reduced installation time, elimination of weather delays and improved management of most expensive asset based labor.

Early Cost Certainty

Standardized production process results in predictable costs.

Quality Assurance

Building in a factory controlled environment ensures the level of quality needed.

Reduced Site Impact

Reducing installation time and people required reduces potential for safety hazards.

Improved Material Handling & Logistics

Off-site material handling and simplified logistics means less on-site material handling, clutter, waste, and issues with storage.

Make to Your Design

Atkore International is already known for their broad breadth and depth of off-the-shelf prefabricated items, but were you aware of their make to-your-design-capabilities? Atkore International has the capability to help you design an electrical raceway with their BIM services but also manufacture prefabricated assemblies based upon your specific needs. For instance:

Steel Conduit w/ Pre-Attached Couplings

  • EMT
  • IMC
  • GRC

Steel Conduit Elbows

  • EMT
  • GRC

Corrosion Resistant Elbows & Sweeps

  • ARC
  • PVC Coated
  • Stainless Steel

PVC Conduit Elbows & Sweeps

  • Schedule 40
  • Schedule 80


  • Unistrut®

Device Assemblies

  • Basic
  • Assembly Required
  • Cable Ready
  • Typical Assemblies
  • Custom Cut Whips
  • Accessories

View the Prefabrication Brochure