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Unistrut Modular Supports Delivers Labor Savings to Contractors

Itasca, Illinois – Unistrut® Construction a leader in medical supports installation for over 60 years announces the introduction of its newest innovation in equipment supports technology. The Unistrut Modular Support System (UMS) delivers a better solution to the medical equipment support installer by reducing the number of components and eliminating much of the fabrication work that needs to be performed on the job-site. This work typically requires a tremendous amount of coordination and expense by field personnel. By greatly reducing these costs the UMS generates a substantial labor savings over systems currently in the market.

“The market has been demanding a more efficient and less costly manner of installing boom support equipment,” said Mike Mendralla, General Manager of Unistrut Construction.  “Our research and development team spent countless hours, researching , testing and perfecting the UMS system. We anticipate that the contractor will be amazed by the end-result,” he added.

The UMS system has a proven load handling capacity that has been confirmed by an independent test laboratory. “The FEA model proved a maximum load before yield failure at 24,000 ft-lbs,” said Joe Rucka National Construction Manager for Unistrut Construction. “This is an impressive rating that establishes the robust strength of the Unistrut Modular Support.  He further pointed-out, “That along with the versatility of the system gives us an innovative kit solution for the healthcare industry.”

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