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2017 Product of the Year Winner: Three Products for Three of Atkore’s Brands

ecm-product-of-year-2017Atkore International is excited to announce that three Atkore brands are 2017 Product of the Year Category Winners in Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M).

Products were chosen by a panel of judges representing electrical professionals from engineering, contractor and plant facility and maintained industries. Category winners go on to compete for the 2017 Product of the Year Platinum, Gold and Silver awards this summer with winners to be selected by an online readers’ poll.

AFC Cable Systems: MC Luminary MultiZone

mc-luminary-multizoneAFC Cable Systems won the Wire & Cable Category for MC Luminary MultiZone. MC Luminary MultiZone responds to daylight harvesting trends that seek to save energy and reduce power costs by dimming lights proportionally to the availability of natural light. One MC Luminary MultiZone cable can replace up to three traditional MC Luminary cables or three power and three control pair cables. MC Luminary MultiZone is the first product specifically designed to meet California Title 24 requirements for dimming capabilities, automatic controls in daylight harvesting areas, and automatically reducing lighting power in response to a demand response event.

Allied Tube & Conduit: Super Kwik-Couple Conduit

Super Kwik-Couple ConduitAllied Tube & Conduit won the Conduit, Raceway & Wireways for Super Kwik-Couple Conduit. The patented coupling allows Super Kwik-Couple Conduit to connect to both threaded and unthreaded product. The new design is more flexible, allowing contractors to transition from GRC to IMC or EMT, or from IMC to GRC or EMT no need for threading equipment. In addition, Super Kwik-Couple Conduit speeds installation, reduces labor and material costs.

Konkore Fittings: Universal Super Fitting

Universal Super FittingOur newest brand, Konkore Fittings, won Fittings (Conduit & Cable) for the Universal Super Fitting. This product is a revolutionary fitting that can connect GRC, IMC, EMT or any combination of them. Save time and money with this flexible design that also eliminates field threading.

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