The Beginning

begin-imageOur company was founded in 1959 in Harvey, Illinois, where our corporate headquarters is currently located. Our original business, known as Allied Tube & Conduit, developed an in-line galvanizing technique (Flo-Coat) in which zinc is applied as tube and pipe are formed. The Flo-Coat galvanizing process, a patented technique, was the foundation for our low-cost manufacturing of fabricated metal products. In 1960, the company began operation with a single tube mill – producing half-inch electrical conduit at the unheard-of rate of two feet per second.

50 Years of Growth

Over the next 50 years, the company diversified, becoming an industry leader through growth, acquisitions and innovation. We design and manufacture galvanized steel tubing and pipe products that include electrical conduit, flexible sprinkler pipe, and light gauge steel tube sold under the brand names Allied Tube & Conduit, FlexHead, and Tectron Tube. We also manufacture various electrical support system products including strut channel, metal framing, cable tray systems and associated fittings sold under the brand names Unistrut, Power-Strut, and Cope. We also design and manufacture pre-wired armored and metal-clad electrical cable, flexible and non-metallic conduit, PVC and HDPE cable protection products. These offerings are sold under the leading brand names AFC Cable Systems, Eastern Wire and Conduit, Kaf-Tech, and Heritage Plastics.


Atkore is an industry leader with strong market positions and widely-recognized brands. We take pride in offering a broad portfolio of products for electrical raceway and mechanical products and solutions. Our Electrical Raceway offering deploys, isolates and protects a structure’s electrical circuitry from the original power source to the final outlet. Our Mechanical Products and Solutions offering frame, support and secure component parts in a broad range of structures, equipment and system in electrical, industrial and construction applications.

Our employees are committed to serving our valued customers, global electrical distributors, independent electrical distributors, home improvement retailers, industrial distributors, HVAC/plumbing distributors, datacom distributors, original equipment manufacturers and general contractors. In total, we serve more than 50 end-markets including commercial construction, industrial, power generation, agriculture, and federal, state and local governments.

As we look to the future, Atkore remains focused on its mission: To be the customer’s first choice for electrical raceway and mechanical products and solutions by providing unmatched quality, delivery and value based on sustainable excellence in strategy, people and processes.


Atkore Acquires Vergokan International NV


Atkore expands its presence in Western Europe and strengthens its electrical portfolio of cable management products with the acquisition of Vergokan, a leading manufacturer of cable tray and cable ladder systems, underfloor installations and industrial floor trunking.

Board of Directors Addition and Changes


Atkore Board of Directors elect Michael V. Schrock as Chairman and appoint Betty R. Johnson as Director, increasing its composition to eight independent members. Mr. Schrock succeeded Mr. Philip Knisely, who served as Chairman when Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, LLC assumed a majority stake in the Company.

Atkore Announces Leadership Succession Plan


Atkore announced the appointment of David P. Johnson as Chief Financial Officer in coordination with the planned retirement of Jim Mallak, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Block Trade by Clayton Dubilier & Rice


CD&R executes a block trade selling its remaining shares in Atkore International.

Atkore Announces Leadership Succession Plan


Atkore announced the planned retirement of John Williamson, President and CEO, at the end of Atkore’s Fiscal Year 2018, and the appointment of Bill Waltz as successor President and CEO.

Board of Directors Addition


Atkore’s Board of Directors appoint Michael V. Schrock as a new director, giving the Company ten directors, seven of whom are independent.  Mr. Schrock is a senior operating advisor of Oak Hill Capital Partners.



To deliver greater overall value to customers in our core businesses, Atkore divests the assets of FlexHead ® Industries and SprinkFLEX LLC, providers of flexible fire sprinkler connections.

Atkore Board of Directors Departures


With the reduction of Clayton Dubilier & Rice ownership level, two CD&R designee members of the Atkore Board of Directors resign, decreasing the total number of directors to nine, six of whom are independent.

Block Trade by Clayton Dubilier & Rice


CD&R executes a block trade of 6 million shares, lowering its ownership in Atkore International below 20%.

Share Repurchase Agreement


Atkore purchases $375 million of outstanding Atkore common stock (more than 17 million shares) at $21.77 per share from Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. Atkore extends and refinances its First Lien Term Loan commitment, lowering the interest rate applicable to such facility.

Calpipe Industries


Atkore acquires Calpipe Industries, LLC., expanding its product portfolio with stainless steel and PVC coated conduit systems for corrosive environments and security bollards for high security, access control and architectural environments.

Flexicon Limited


Atkore enhances its electrical raceway offering and strengthens its global presence with the acquisition of Flexicon Limited, a leading manufacturer of metallic and non-metallic flexible cable protection systems that serve the industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors in more than 55 countries.

Share Repurchase


Atkore International Group Board of Directors approves a share repurchase program, under which the Company utilizes its balance sheet to initiate the repurchase of up to $75 million of its outstanding common stock in the open market.

Atkore Board of Directors Additions


Atkore enhances it financial, operational and business leadership experience with the appointment of two independent members to the Atkore Board of Directors, increasing the total number of directors to eleven, six of whom are independent.

Marco Cable Management


Atkore expands its electrical raceway presence in the U.K. and Europe with the acquisition of Marco Cable Management, a leading U.K. designer and manufacturer of wire basket cable tray and PVC trunking.

Secondary Public Offering


Atkore files Secondary Public Offering of 10,350,000 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $25.00 per share.

Secondary Public Offering


Atkore files a Secondary Public Offering of 8,000,000 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $19.00 per share.

Konkore Fittings


We help contractors reduce material costs and improve labor savings with the introduction of two new products: Konkore Fittings, a new electrical fittings line, and Universal Super Fitting™, which connects GRC, IMC and EMT and eliminates field threading.

Initial Public Offering


Atkore files a Registration Statement with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission for a proposed Initial Public Offering; we are pleased to later announce the pricing of an initial public offering of 12,000,000 shares of common stock at a public offering price of $16.00 per share.

Chino, California Facility


We open a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Chino, California that stocks Atkore Electrical Raceway products and provides improved customer service and lead times.

Exit Fence & Sprinkler Pipe Markets


To deliver greater overall value to customers in our core businesses, Atkore announces the exit of steel fence framework and sprinkler pipe products.

Atkore Board of Directors Increases Size


Atkore enhances it financial, operational and business leadership experience with the appointment of four independent members to the Atkore Board of Directors, increasing the total number of directors to nine.

American Pipe & Plastics


Atkore continues its focus on delivering value-added solutions for our electrical raceway customers with the acquisition of American Pipe & Plastics, a manufacturer of PVC conduit serving the telecommunications, power, cable TV and fiber optic infrastructure markets.

Atkore Repurchases Stock


Atkore repurchases Tyco International’s remaining stock in our company.

Steel Components, Inc.


Atkore expands its product offering by acquiring Steel Components, Inc. (SCI), a leading designer and manufacturer of steel and malleable iron electrical fittings for steel, flexible and liquidtight conduit, as well as armored cable.

Divest Non-Core Business


As Atkore continues to build its Electrical Raceway portfolio, it divests a non-core business in Brazil and closes its factory in France.

Expanded PVC Market


Atkore strengthens its position in the PVC market by expanding its offering of electrical conduit, fittings, elbows, irrigation pressure and plumbing & sewer pipe with the acquisitions of Heritage Plastics™, Liberty Plastics™ and Ridgeline Manufacturing™.



We acquire FlexHead® Industries, a provider of flexible fire sprinkler connections, and divest our Morrisville, PA facility and GemFab business.

Atkore International


Atkore International starts the year as a standalone company.

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice


Tyco international announces an agreement to sell a majority stake in our business to the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. The new company is named Atkore International®.

Celebrate 50 Years


We celebrate 50 years and add 500,000 square feet to our Harvey, IL facility and corporate headquarters.

Tyco Dinaco


We form Tyco Dinaco and expand into South America.

AFC Cable Systems


We acquire AFC Cable Systems® and enter the Canadian market with the acquisition of Columbia-MBF.

Special Metal Processing Facility Opens


Our Special Metal Processing Facility opens with onsite clean and pickle processing and state-of-the-art computerized tracking system.

American Pipe & Tube


Our fire protection and construction line grows with the purchase of American Pipe & Tube.

TJ Cope


We acquire TJ Cope, a manufacturer of cable tray systems.



We acquire Unistrut (US Division), expanding our metal framing line.

Tyco Laboratories, Inc


We are acquired by Tyco Laboratories, Inc (Later called Tyco International).



We launch Kwik-Couple®, a time saving conduit coupling product.



Our channel framing line grows with the purchase of Power-Strut®.

Formed Holding Company


We form a holding company to go public.



We pioneer IMC, the first light-weight alternative to rigid conduit.



We relocate to 110,000 sq ft facility in Harvey, IL.

100 Employees


Our ranks swell to 100 employees.

10 Employees, One Tube Mill


We begin operation with 10 employees and one tube mill.



We introduce Flo-Coat, the first patented “in-line” tube galvanization process.

Allied Tube & Conduit


Allied Tube & Conduit® is incorporated in Blue Island, IL.