Water Management | PVC Water and Plumbing Pipes

Access to water is essential to life and wellbeing. Municipalities and buildings around the world are facing the challenging and costly task of replacing pipes that are at the end of their life span. Agricultural needs for irrigation systems are expanding quickly as the world’s population increases.

We have long served the needs of distributors and contractors for PVC water and plumbing pipes for irrigation, DWV (Drain, Waste, and Vent), well casing, and sewer/drain systems. We also have a vast inventory of stainless-steel piping for water and wastewater plants. Our water industry product offerings come with our commitment to clean, environmentally safe, and cost-effective products paired with our deep expertise and experience. When you work with Atkore, you not only get high-quality products, but you also get sound advice about which products are optimal depending on your needs.

Our ever-expanding portfolio of products can be used in many water industry situations. From our experience, we know there is a high demand for certain products:

Infrastructure Products

  • PVC Water & Plumbing Pipe
  • HDPE Pipe

Electrical Conduit & Fittings

  • PVC Conduit
  • Aluminum Rigid Conduit
  • PVC-Coated Rigid Conduit
  • HDPE Conduit
Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants Market