Environment, Social, Governance

Our commitment to safety and the environment

We are committed to continuously improving our corporate citizenship. The goal of Atkore's Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) program is to promote growth that takes into account human well-being and the environment, often referred to as the "triple bottom line". Through the disciplined use of the Atkore Business System, we seek to utilize sustainable business principles and processes that achieve a balance between profitability and protection of all stakeholders including our workers, customers, suppliers and community, while reducing our impact on the environment and climate.

Our goal is to ensure that employees, customers, contractors and visitors in our facilities go home safely at the end of each day. We empower everyone to proactively identify and eliminate risks to promote an injury-free and incident-free workplace.
Our goal is to minimize our impact on and protect the environments in which we live and work. We seek to utilize sustainable business practices that are in the best interest of the environment and all stakeholders.

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Sustainability Goals and Materiality

Atkore's executive leadership has been monitoring ESG improvement objectives since 2015, and the information is reviewed quarterly by Atkore's Board of Directors. We regularly measure and seek to improve our performance in the following ESG areas that we believe, based on general reporting standards criteria and stakeholder input, are material to our business and the broader community.

What We Measure

People and Community

We seek to protect people and communities in which our facilities are located, and we comply with all applicable laws. To achieve this, we monitor the following to ensure their protection:

  • Worldwide injury rates, safety and environmental performance, and compliance
  • Donations and grants from the Atkore Family Foundation, which supports social good where we operate
  • Voluntary turnover rates to ensure we remain a preferred employer

Energy and Climate

We are committed to safeguarding climate and ecosystems through preventive practices.

  • A participant in EPA’s Energy Star® Challenge for Industry since 2013, we encourage our sites to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and energy demand

Natural Resources

We promote social and environmental stewardship throughout our supply chain.

  • We monitor water usage and quality of discharges to ensure we protect this valuable natural resource
  • 100% of our suppliers responded to Atkore’s Reasonable Country of Origin Inquiry request to ensure our products are conflict mineral free

Material Efficiency

We strive to prevent or minimize activities and conditions that pose a threat to human health and the environment. We do this by complying with all applicable laws and regulations and ensuring responsible production and efficient consumption of raw materials. To achieve this, we monitor:

  • Steel, copper and PVC scrap rates
  • Quantities of hazardous and regulated waste generated


Reduction in recordable incident rate since 2015
Conflict mineral free
Reduction in green house gas emitted since 2015
Manufacturing scrap rate improvement since 2015